Best Tree Services In Placerville

Are your trees in need of attention? To maintain your trees is a quite tricky work if you are not a professional it could be harmful to you if you do it yourself. If you lived in Placerville and looking for a professional tree service, we are proud to introduce Placerville Tree Service.

About Us

Placerville Tree Service is a family owned and operated Placerville, with experienced professionals and providing services from years. Our staffs are well trained and have the training for remove tree safely and efficiently from your yard or anywhere you want. We can also handle Tree Trimming which makes your tree better.

Placerville Tree Service is consistently rated #1 in customer satisfaction. Customer care and comfort are above all you must be happy with the services we provide. Call us today for best tree services in Placerville at 530-206-8065 if you are looking for tree cutting, tree removal, Stump removal or any sorts of tree services.

Why use Placerville Tree Service?

Placerville Tree Service is ISA Certified Arborist who specializes in tree cabling, root treatment, root fertilization, and treatment. Here are more services:

Removing of a tree from your driveway
Making tree more beautiful and attractive
Prevent danger before and after storm season
Helping grass for growing
Prevent the root damaging causes.


At Placerville Tree Service, we will do best for your trees, excess branches and leaves should removed, unwanted bushes around the tree also clean which makes better looking of trees. Structural integrity could not be compromised at any cost; if you have a small backyard, we can also clean the unwanted branches from your roof so it will again keep you safe and you will enjoy the shadow of your tree safely.

Don’t let your backyard become an ugly jungle. Placerville Tree Service will leave your yard looking beautiful and attractive, just like property in beautiful Placerville should to be. You can Call us today for more details or schedule an appointment at 530-206-8065.


You can call us anytime or leave a message for us. Our representative will forward it to our dedicated team. You can approach us in an emergency as well. Routine checkup of your tree is essential to make sure the excellent health of your tree, following are some services we provided, but these are just for reference, you can call us anytime for your tree service.

Tree Health Management
Wood Chipping
Tree Trimming
Tree Pest Control
Tree Root Collar Clearing
Tree Land Clearing
Tree Removal
Tree Mulching
Tree Stump Grinding And Removal
Emergency Tree Services
Tree Pruning And Shaping
Limb Cutting
Pest Management