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10for LoVE Direct Giving Campaign

Mon, 08/29/2016 - 12:47 -- amandar

10forLoVE Direct Giving Campaign is in full swing!!! Let's start getting those pledges in.

10forLove Direct Giving Campaign is a simple, two part program. First, each parent is asked to pledge a minimal of $100 per child ($150 for household with two students, and $250 for household with three or more enrolled students). Secondly, we are encouraging each student to ask 10 additional love ones to donate $10 or any multiple of 10. Our goal of $50,000 is very possible with 100% participation from every student.

Online Payments can be made at by pressing the red donate button, and checks payable to Loyola Village Booster Club, and turned in the office or via backpack express.